Tier 3

"Yasuragi dan Renge (a Buddhist altar, lotus)" embossed gilt lacquer work with inlaid mother-of-pearl

A privilege to enjoy shopping low price products at members-limited EC sites, supporters-only information such as private YouTube videos


Tier 2

"Yasuragi dan Koki (a Buddhist altar, brightness)" embossed gilt lacquer work

Tier 3 + a privilege to join auctions, a privilege to purchase luxurious items, etc.

(Online Perks)



Tier 1

Sojiij Head Monastry : Nioh statue (statues of the two Deva kings)

Tier 2 + a privilege to visit a special place (only once in every six months)

Tier2+ 特別な場所を訪れることができる権利(半年1回まで)(物理的な体験を含む特典)


Gokokuji= Head Monastry : Nyoirin Kannon statue (Cintāmaṇicakra statue)

Tier 1 + a privilege for ordering custom-made products

Tier1+ オーダーメード権利